Brand Guideline

Matieu is a present from God.

We maximize the value of being in the present through fragrance.



Logo Litertions


I played around with the crucial metaphor of the initial brand story of this company, which is a 'Pandora's box. In Greek mythology, Pandora receives a box from God and told not to open it. But she could not resist her curiosity, all the disastrous things in the box were spread around the world and she only got to keep 'hope'.

Life can be hectic but it is still liveable since we have hope.







The illustration for the initial product

done by me as well


Final Product

primary & secondary logo




logo & brand name





solitary copy logo



brand colour & palette










primary palate


primary colors are used for the logo, brand graphics, and typography.



secondary colors

secondary colors are used for

advertising campaigns and platforms.







Typography only be in the following colour.



Product design: (Jessie)Jihyun Lee

Set styling: (Jessie)Jihyun Lee

Photography: (Jessie)Jihyun Lee

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Copyright @ (Jessie)Jihyn Lee.