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Reached the initial goal in 35 minutes after the funding opens

Reached 1000% in 20 hours

Reached  1622% in total​




Many workers from home during the worldwide pandemic struggled with feeling 'stuck at work' at home as we were stuffed with so many activities. Stay safe at home, but find a way to refresh and restore your everyday space memory.

Staying home healing project
Matieu and artist/art director Jessie Jihyun Lee at Wadiz, the Crowd Funding project


Screen Shot 2024-03-07 at 10.36.45 AM.png
Screen Shot 2024-03-07 at 11.00.53 AM.png

Home has become our working office,

fitness center for workout routines,

and a cafeteria for a cup of coffee at the same time


It has become challenging to relieve stress in a limited space, as we jam so many activities in one space.


"We are off to work, but it feels like we are still dangling at work."


For those who more than agree with the statement, 

You need refreshment in your space and mind.


For someone like you,

We are sending aroma therapeutic scents and a healing art show to your door.


The show by artist (Jessie)Jihyun Lee, 'The eye of the storm-Mindful dance', The New Discourse Excellence Prize Recipiented Show by Cyart Centre, Seoul, Korea

Screen Shot 2024-03-10 at 6.24.26 PM.png

Fragrance, Memory, Emotion

Have you heard about the Proust effect?

They are autobiographical memories activated by the senses, particularly smell and taste. It originates from a book, "In the book In Search of Lost Time'. The author, Marcel, eats the crumbs of a madeleine dipped in lime blossom tea, which triggers a process of remembering that brings his past to life.


The cerebral limbic system is responsible for memory and emotion and controls the olfactory sense; thus, olfactory stimulation can impact memory and emotions.


Clean your stuffed and unnecessary emotional baggage and refill it with warm and rejuvenating memories.

This project is to bring memories with aromatherapeutic scents, visually express them with art, and reconstruct your everyday space into new space in your memory.

Mindful confrontation_마음과마주하다.png

Hi, I am (Jessie)Jihyun Lee, a healing artist, art director, and aroma therapist.


When you face difficulties you cannot do much about, confronting them is better than resisting and holding them tightly. 

Mindful Resilience_마음의탄력.gif

When you feel sad, feel free to feel the emotion entirely and recover instead of neglecting it. 

Mindful Dance_마음과춤추다.png

And resiliently deal with chronic difficulties just like you dance.


I practice this mindful attitude daily.

We can practice this mindful attitude daily. 

"Rejuvenate your personal space with new healing memory."


We are sending healing art shows and aromatherapeutic scents

for you to enjoy at home.


Mindful Confrontation(the Morning Therapy)

The Refreshing citrus and peppermint scents that move your mind. Orange and peppermint help to clean out the emotional baggage and lightly lift your body and mind, helping them on the move.



When you start something, you need a pre-adaptation operation to start.


Mindful Resilience (The Noon Therapy)

Blended with Rose and Rose Geranium, the scents that melt the barriers of your mind and recover your resilient balance


You need a resilient and well-balanced recovery during your busy days.

Mindful Disco Dance (The night Therapy)

The scents of noncognitive dance and the deep rest/sleep created by Marjoram, Clary sage, Sandalwood


Clary sage helps clarify your mind, and Sandalwood leads you to a meditation that centers you in yourself, surrounded by a complex and busy life. When you are back home, all you need to do is comfort and deep sleep.   

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